GROUNDSWELL: Protecting Our Children's Water

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Groundswell takes us into the lives and communities of the people who are being directly and indirectly affected by Hydraulic Fracturing. The film willl follow ordinary people who’ve been turned into community activist to fight for their rights. This is a true David and Goliath story whose outcome has yet to be determined. The filmmakers are in the process of following this unfolding story of passion, money, power, and rage


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Breaking Bread: Africa

Each week Breaking Bread: Africa takes five adventurous travelers on an intriguing and challenging journey through Africa to seek out culinary delights first hand. Join renowned African Chef Pierre Thiam as he prepares, trains and cajoles this motley crew with the ultimate goal of creating a feast for invited dignitaries, celebrities, or just plain folks. Can they learn enough in just five days to pull it off?

Our trek begins as Chef Pierre takes the cast to one of several countries in Africa. He teaches them not only about the culture, but also how to cook a local meal under local conditions. Chef Pierre uncovers the secrets of dishes like, the famous “Joloff rice” (red rice and fish) from Senegal and “Acara” (black-eyed pea fritters) from Mali.



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Gonzo with Barbara Flanagan

Barbara Flanagan is an American designer and writer who trained as an architect at Yale University. Flanagan has written about design for a score of publications including The New York Times, Metropolis, and I.D. Her more recent career in product design stems from the architectural interiors she designed while working with manufacturers and the experience of inventing new applications for their building materials. In all of her work, Flanagan has lobbied in favor of humor, surprise, and ingenuity.

Barbara Flanagan truly is a jack-of-all-trades. Her writing and design talents go hand in hand, and she has published multiple articles and proposals for futuristic design.

Her designs inspired the Gonzon Design Company, an establishment focused on taking the mundane and unimagninative and turning them into the extrodinary. Using unorthodox methods, she creates new, innovative applications of household items, creating her own unique style.


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Passing Gas with Gary Gladstone

Join photographer Gary Gladstone in his 28 episode journey as he and his assistant Alex travel to places with funny names like Suckerville, ME; Knockemstiff, OH and Scratch Ankle, AL to find a person and backdrop that captures the essence of a town’s name. In each episode, Gary visits towns such as Ding Dong, TX or Hell, MI, where he has just one day to find his subject and shoot a portrait. This quest gives Gary and his viewers an unscripted, entertaining glimpse at Small Town, USA.

New York photographer, Gary Gladstone is constantly bemused by the down home quirkiness of rural America. A curmudgeonly character with a wry sense of humor, Gary is shooting a sequel to his first book, “Passing Gas, and Other Towns Along The American Highway. Gary Gladstone has worked as a professional photographer for publications such as the New York Daily News, Life, Look, and The Saturday Evening Post. He is a popular lecturer and panelist who uses humor to entertain and inform his audiences.




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Hiroko's Rules with Hiroko Shimbo

Meet the mistress of Japanse cooking, Hiroko Shimbo as she challenges young chefs with cross-cultural conflict and fun.


In the Kitchens and on the streets of New York City and Tokyo, find out who really has the "kokoro" to master HIROKO'S RULES!


Planet Barbecue with Steven Raichlen

Fifteen years ago, Steven Raichlen embarked on an extraordinary journey. He set out to travel the world's barbecue trail—to experience the world of live-fire cooking from Indonesian sate to Indian tandoori to Italian bistecca alla fiorentina. He explored how a country's barbecue reflects its culture and how that culture determines what people grill. His 500,000-mile odyssey has taken him to more than 50 countries on six continents. And now that adventure comes alive in all its sizzling excitement in a PBS broadcast extravaganza: Planet Barbecue ™.

Planet Barbecue will take TV viewers on a mouth-watering tour of the world’s barbecue trail, from the kebab parlors of Istanbul to the churrascarias of Brazil to an authentic South African safari brai. Along the way, we’ll meet Japan’s most acclaimed yakitori master, a madcap barbecue iconoclast in Spain (grilled eggs and smoked ice cream, anyone?), and the octogenarian owner of the most famous grill parlor in Morocco. We’ll visit a reconstructed Neanderthal village in southwestern France (to learn how our prehistoric ancestors grilled); a tandoor factory in New Delhi (to watch the construction of the world’s oldest type of barbecue pit), and a kiln built into a Japanese cave used to make bincho tan—the world’s most expensive charcoal.


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